IP66 IK10 Approved LED Urban Safty Light

Efficacy:130 lm/w
Lumen: 3250 lm
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Single   LED’s damage won't affect others' normal workDimmable driver
Protection is provided   against short circuitTrue environmental protection green light source
IP67 rated LED Modules sealed   with PC lensAdvanced aluminum heat sink which provides excellent thermal   transfer to extend component life
Isolation class I/II for   optionalLVD certification
No hazardous materialsThe full housing is die-casted
The luminaire housing is   manufactured of ADC12 aluminum.Operating temperature range - 40 ºC < Ta < 50 ºC
PCB board with high thermal   conductivityCertifications of products are issued by BST
SAA certified for Australian   marketComprehensive protection: overtemperature protection,   overvoltage protection, short circuit protection
ASTM B-117 standard 1000   hours salt pray testWarranty 60 months
Driver offers the full   flexibility in dimmingRoHS compliant
EN62471 and EN62493IEC62778 standard
10KV surge protector is   standardZhaga Book18 compliant and D4i certified incl. Parts 25x + AUX
One LED failure will not   affect the normal operation of other LEDsTransparent weather resistant grade polycarbonate
Use stainless steel screws   for whole luminaire, no corrosion worriesWith ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO50001
Smart ready when NEMA socket   is mounted on top of luminairesDustproof
Designed for major and city   roadsUniversal voltage AC 100-240V /277V
The housing is made of 100%   ADC12 aluminum alloyIt can be used in workshop
Plug and Play module and   driver, tool free maintenanceThe failure of a single LED will not affect other components
Heat resistant silicone   rubberWith Saudi Saso certification
Wide power range: 27W~120W.Fixture can be 0-360º adjustable, single module can be 0-90 º   adjustable
Protection class: IP66;UV stabilized polyester powder paint finish
Industrial areas illuminationExcellent performance and good lifespan
10kv/20kv External Surge   Protection DevicePC lens has good light transmittance
Customized label designBy LED and lens light distribution, save reflective cover,   greatly save transportation costs
Whole body die cast aluminum   housingDriver can be normal and dimming
IEC62717:2014 report for LED   module partsLifetime is more than 100,000hours
Street light with ISO9001,   14001 and OHSAS 18001 Company CertificationFixture can be 0-360º adjustable, single module can be 0-90 º   adjustable
Breather included for   reliable luminaire operationNo uplight pollution
24V auxiliary output which   supports Zhaga and motion sensorDesigned for stadium, tennis court, football field and so on
Optional recess trims to suit   variety of canopy roofsspotlights available
CE, RoHS Compliant, LM-80,   IP66, IK10 certificatedIdeal for quickly and easily illuminating warehouses, storage   facilities, retail
Power range from 30-240wStandard Deviation of Color Matching <5 SDCM
Offer photometric test reportExcellent performance and good lifespan
Smart controller is optionalMainsDIM function for dimming via reduction of line voltage   amplitude
Excellent optical design,   greatly improved the light utilization and evennessOffers initial investment with good-quality and   energy-efficient lighting
Perfect color temperature and   high CRI characteristicsHigh strength aluminium structure

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