Solar Light 30W With PIR Senor For Yard

Solar light 30W With PIR Senor for Yard
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Solar Panel Spec.
50W Monocrystal
Battery Spec.(LiFePO4)
18AH /12.8V
Modules Qty
2 (60 LEDs)
Luminaire effcacy(+/- 5%)
140 lm/ w
Lumen Output(+/- 5%)
4200 lm
Installation Height
Pole Distance
IP65  IK10

High Efficacy Solar Panel

1. High efficiency 20% monocrystalline cells.
2. 25-year linear performance warranty.
3. Certified by TUV.
4. 0 to +5W positive tolerance.

Stable Performance Battery
1. Long lifetime up to 8-10 years.
2. Maintenance free operation.
3. Lithium iron phosphate battery.
4. Environmental & non-polluting.
5. Safe and reliable.

MPPT Controller
1. 20% energy utilization more than PWM.
2. The infrared wirelss communication.
3. Metal case, IP68 waterproof.
4. Intelligent mode to extend battery working time.
5. 3 time dimming.
6. Build-in the Constant LED Driver.

1. Infrared or Microwave sensor for optional.
2. Wide detection range more than 8-10m.
3. Working time can be set from 0h to 15hours.
4. Three induction stages design.  

Remote Control
1. Wireless IR remote control Can set up all ZGSM solar street lamps.
2. LCD indicator shows the parameter and data.
3. Fast wake-up function.
4. with ergonomic design, suitable for the hand-held operation.

High-end Solar Street Light
1. System efficiency up to 145lm/w.
2. Drawer design easy for replacement.
3. Big power range from 10-60w.

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