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The ZGSM® H-Series LED street lights are using PHILIPS LUMILEDS® luminous source, providing excellent lumen output, long-lasting stability and splendid sight. The ZGSM H-Series LED street lights have a high luminous efficiency and beter service life. Provide 7 years warranty on luminaire.
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Accessories required for wireless control systems:

1. Driver supports 0~10V or PWM dimming mode

2. Centralized manager (1 centralized manager can control 200 lamps), SIM card is suitable for installing local operators, loading centralized controller, need to have traffic, need to tell us the operator name in advance.

3. Single lamp controller, 1 lamp with 1 single lamp controller.

4. Use our software, standard English version, no fee.

5. Cloud server



ZGSM10-NEMA single lamp controller is developed specially for foreign market demand by ZGSM. It is an important part of street lamp control system. The core chip of ZGSM10-NEMA controller adopts self-developed ZIGBEE wireless communication module. Together with professional hardware and software design, ZGSM10-NEMA controller offers powerful functions, easy implementation, wiring free, reliable operation and easy-maintenance. With all these advantages, ZGSM10-NEMA controller is a high performance and energy saving product, specialized for intelligent street lighting.


ZGSM10-NEMA controller conforms to IEEE802.15.4 protocol of ZIGBEE communication standard. It has the advantages of remote communication, strong anti-interference capability and flexible networking, realizing peer-to-peer and peer-to-multi peer transparent data transmission among devices, and constructing star network or mesh network topology. The interface standard is designed by TE Connectivity of ANSI C136.41-2013. dimmable socket and shrapnel contact are adopted to provide mechanical and electrical interconnection between light control unit and lamps using solid twist lock contacts to achieve reliable power interconnection, It is the ideal choice for outdoor business and public lighting.

ZGSM10-NEMA single-lamp controller consists of a current and voltage measurement circuit, which collect real-time load performance and power consumption of single-lamp controller. It helps to largely reduce work load of street lamp management department, and improve working efficiency, therefore significantly improve energy-saving benefit of all society.

Main Performance Features of ZGSM10-NEMA single-lamp controller:

Input power: AC 85265V 50/60Hz.

●Output powerAC 85265V 50/60Hz

Measuring current, voltage, power, Power consumption detection function.

One way switch and 010V dimming signal output.

●Monitor the working status of lamps and lanterns, anomalies output alarm

Single lamp custom group control

●Local timing, latitude and longitude control function

Over-current protection, lamps condition detection and default lighting functions.

Switch and the dimming suitable for lamps, such as LED lamp, high voltage sodium lamp and metal halide lamp etc.

●Overload protection design based on Security

Radio frequency: global free frequency band of 2.4G ISM

Number of wireless channel: 16

Single network capacity: 65535 nodes

Thorough communication protocol of ZIGBEE wireless networking

Industrial operating temperature range: 40~+85

Easy and simple installation, can respond to the instructions sent by the center in seconds.


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