toolless Open Led Street Light

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toolless open Led Street Light 150w die cast housing


Application: street,City road, highway, country road


hilips Lumileds 3030 2D

Greater than 150lm/W high efficacy, illumination grade LED light source

Philips Lumileds 5050

Greater than 185lm/W high efficacy, illumination grade LED light source

Imported breather

Lamp breather ensures air balance inside and outside of the lamp, which improves lamp service life.

Level bubble

Easy for the installer to adjust the position of the lamp.

Power turn off protector

When the lamp maintenance, Open lamp 􀀁ash, Internal power lamp, Protect the safety of personnel.

Surge protection device(10KV)

To provide more reliable guarantee for LED drive power, extend the life of the product.

Connect base

Disassemble easily which reduces maintenance costs.



3030 spec5050 spec

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