LED Street Light And Area Lighting

Power: 20W-240W
IP IK: IP66 IK10
Glass: tempered
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Product Details

vertical led road lamp with Glass


Available in 2200-6500 K

Plug and Play module and driver, tool free maintenance

Customized pole adapters available for special installation

Best use of light to the target area while not creating glare to driver and environment

100,000 hours lifetime saving maintenance cost

Optimized roadway photometric distributions

Up to 70% energy savings

Ease of maintenance

Long fixture lifetime

Excellent thermal management that reduces early failures

Long system lifetime

World class, approbated quality components

High quality cool, neutral & warm white light with high color consistency

High pressure die-cast aluminum

Heat resistant silicone rubber

Tool-less opening of gear compartment

100,000 (80% lumen maintenance @ Ta = 25 °C)

Constant current or programmable driver options

Pedestrian category roads (P1-P6)

Vehicle category roads (M1-M6)

LED engines with flexible combinations of LED modules

Durable and recyclable materials

Photometric engine and electronic assembly is easy to replace on-site

Maximised savings in energy and maintenance costs

Large surface area for best possible heat extraction

Side-entry or post-top mounting

Pre-programmable stand-alone dimming




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