5 years warranty 38w led street light solar

Key Features 1. Wide power range: 28W~57W 2. Special circuit design, single LED’s damage won't affect others' normal work 3. Smart design, low transportation costs 4. Smooth body would greatly diminish dust accumulation and bird droppings heap up. 5. High Lumen output up to 135lm/w with high quality LED chips 6. Designed to last at least 100,000 hours at L70 7. ENEC/ CB/ CE/ RoHS/ IK10 /IP66 /LM79 8. 5 years limited warranty available. Applications Street, highway, park lot, roadway, path and etc
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5 years warranty 38w led street light solar

LED street light refers to the street light made by LED light source. It has the unique advantages of high efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, fast response and high color rendering index. It is of great significance for urban lighting energy saving.


1, its own characteristics - the unidirectional nature of light, no light diffusion, to ensure light efficiency.

2, LED has reached 130-165lm / W, and there is still a lot of room for development, the theoretical value of 360lm / W. The luminous efficiency of the high-pressure sodium lamp increases with the increase of power. Therefore, the overall luminous efficacy LED street lamp is stronger than the high-pressure sodium lamp; (this overall luminous effect is theoretical, in fact, the luminous efficiency of the high-pressure sodium lamp above 250W is higher than that of the LED lamp. ).

3, the light decay is small, the light decay of less than 3% in one year, still meets the road requirements after 10 years of use, and the high-pressure sodium light decays, which has dropped by more than 30% in a year or so. Therefore, the LED street lamp is designed to use power. Can be lower than high pressure sodium lamps.

4, long life: can use more than 100,000 hours, providing 5 years of quality assurance. The downside is that the life of the power supply is not guaranteed.

5, easy to install: no need to add cables without rectifiers, etc., directly installed on the pole or the light source nested in the original lamp housing.

6, reliable quality: circuit power supply all use high-quality components, each LED has a separate overcurrent protection, no need to worry about damage.

7, LED does not contain harmful metal mercury, will not cause harm to the environment when it is scrapped.

The energy saving effect of the above principle is remarkable, and the high-pressure sodium lamp can save more than 60% of electricity.

Low maintenance cost: Compared with traditional street lamps, the maintenance cost of LED street lamps is extremely low. After comparison, the total input cost can be recovered in less than 6 years.

led street light solar

led street light solar 2

led street light solar 1

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