60W All Die-Casting Aluminum Exterior Lamps

60W All Die-Casting Aluminum Exterior Lamps

ZGSM series-K series outdoor LED street lights with the power from 25W to 200W; Advantages a. Fully aluminum alloy Die-casting case , stainless steel screws. b. High transparency tempered glass c. Smooth body with self-cleanness d. High lamp luminous efficiency: up to 125 LM/W. e. Toolless
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60W Die-Casting Aluminum LED Street Light with 50mm Sleeve中港详情切片 (1)


The K series street light use fully aluminum alloy Die-casting case which have better heat transfer. All of the screws on K series street fixture are all stainless steel to resistant to corrosion.

The high transparency tempered glass be used in K series street light to improve high system efficiency and effective protect the LEDs without any broken.

The smooth body design on the back of K series street light can make the light no accumulation of dust and bird droppings with rain wash.

Through use the High efficiency Philips Luxeon 3030 2D LED chips, the system efficiency of KM series street light can up to 125lm/w.

With the snap lock, the street fixture can be opened without any tools. This design will be very convenient for maintain.

When people open the K series street fixture, the power will be cut immediately since there have a power turn off protector mount on the end of driver input. This function can keep safety of personnel effectively.

Key Features

  25W~200W

  Up to 150lm/w

  10 /20KV SPD

  1000h salt spray test

  100,000 hours at L70


  7 years warranty

  Tool-less

  Power-off protection

  Glass Cover

  Smooth body

  Level bubble

  Vertical or horizontal installation

  Smart Control 


Roadway, street, path way, park, public square, parking lot, carpark, high way, Urban main roads

LED Brand Philips   LUMILEDS® LUXEON 3030
Driver Brand Meanwell   HLG series/ Inventronics
Norminal Wattage 60W
LED Chip Quantity 96pcs
Input Voltage 100-240/277VAC
Power Efficiency >90%
Power Factor >0.95
Lamp Rated Luminous Efficiency >130   lm /w
Lamp Rated Lumen output 7,800   lm (Lumen tolerance +/- 5%)
Color Rendering Index Ra>70
Color Temperature 4000,   5000 or 5700K
Photometric Type Type   I Medium;Type II Medium;Type III Medium

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ZGSM provides a total solution for intelligence street lighting system.

ZGSM street light intelligence system is made up by software, concentrator, terminal controller. The concentrator controller is installed in the distribution cabinet, the terminal controller is installed in the lighting terminal. It proceeds with communication via GPRS/CDMA/WCDMA wireless network or cable network & monitor center and proceeds with communication via ZIGBEE/PLC. Concentrator controller can control each terminal controller via receiving, executing, forwarding PC management software ,

which can control each lamp’s switching on /off or dimming ,then save electric energy. It can also monitor the lamps’ electric energy to achieve failure lamps function. Concentrator controller can built-in DO to achieve street light loop control, it can connect with other equipment to collect local illumination, temperature and other information, feedback to PC management software and achieve to monitor the current informatition.

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