80W Integrated Solar LED Street Light

1.Philips Lumileds 3030 2D Chips. 2. IP66 & IK10 3.competitive price 4.Luminaire Efficacy up to 130 lm/w
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80W Integrated Solar LED Street Light


1,key component of solar energy LED street light

1) LED street light;2) LED controller(time controller+light controller);3) Solar panel;4) Battery


2,Functions of Various part

1) Advantage of high power LED

l  High efficiency

l  Low electricity cost

l  Energy efficiency

l  High brightness

l  No strobe frequency

l  Solid-stage

l  Long life

l  High impact resistance, High Stability

l  good weather ability



2) Solar panel

The solar panel is the hard core of the solar street light system, is also the value highest part. Its function is transforms sun's emissivity into the electrical energy,or escorts to the accumulator to save,or impetus load work.


3)Solar controller

The function of the solar energy controller is to control the whole system's working condition,and has the overdischarge Protection function to the the accumulator. In the big temperature difference place, the qualified controller should also have the temperature compensation function. Other additional function like light-operated switch,time switch must be the option of the controller


4) Battery

Generally it is the lead-acid battery, also can use nickel hydrogen battery, nickel cadmium cell or lithium battery. Its function is store up the electrical energy which sent out from the solar cell when it has the illumination.


3,Operational principle of solar LED street light

Utilizing photovoltaic effect principle, maked the solar panel. Daytime, the solar panel receives the solar radiant energy and translate into the electrical energy output, pass charge controller, Stores up in the accumulator cell. Night when the illumination gradually reduces to about 10Lux, the solar panel open-circuit voltage is about 4.0V,charge controller sense the voltage, accumulator discharge to the lamp.



l  Voltage:24VDC

l  Lamp source:high power LED

l  Street power:80W

l  Luminous flux:10400lm

l  Color Temp.:3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K

l  Controller:exclusive use high efficiency,energy saving and microcomputer LED controller

l  Time control:4-12 hours can be set up

l  Adaptive temperature:-40℃~50℃

l  Wind resistance factor:30M/S

l  Life-span:100,000 hours

l  Suited height:6~8m.



5,Main specification                




Total power

Color Temp.




















 solar system.png


7,Our suggestion of solar powered LED streetlights


35W Solar powered LED streetlights


60W 24V LED streetlight 1pcs


100W 12V solar panel 2 pcs


150AH 12V battery 2 pcs


15AH 24V Solar controller 1 pcs




solar led street light .jpgsolar street light.austria.png


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