60W solar led street light with lithium battery

1- Philips lumileds 3030 2D high brighter LEDs make light efficacy up to 145 lm/w 2- Human infrared induction or Microwave induction for your option 3- Adopts MPPT charging method& with Energy-saving mode 4- Lithium-Iron phosphate battery, high temperature resistance, with long lifetime 5- Maximum watts up to 60W 6- Suitable to different poles sizes: Round pole, Φ60~85mm; Square pole, 60 x60 ~77 x77mm 7- Drawer design makes the battery, led modules, sensor and controller easier to maintain
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Product Details


▪ Record system status, can record 7days and monitor the whole system.

▪ Overheat protection function, when the controller reaches a certain temperature, it will decrease or close the load.

▪ Working status indication, easy to maintain.


Model: ZGSM-PV1006045
LED Lamp
Solar panels
Mono 100W/18V
Solar battery
45AH /11.1V(Lithium)
Solar controller
MPPT 12V/10A
up to 30 lm/w
7800 lm
Product Description

High Quality Solar Street Lamp

1. Lumnious efficacy up to 145 lm/w.
2. Drawer design easy for replacement.

High Efficacy Solar Panel

1. High efficiency 20% monocrystalline cells.
2. 25 years warranty.

Stable Battery

1. Long lifespan, up to 8-10 years.
2. Maintenance free operation.
3. Lithium battery.
4. Safe and reliable.

MPPT Controller

1. 20% energy utilization more than PWM.
2. Infrared wirelss communication.
3. Metal case, IP68 waterproof.
4. Intelligent mode to extend battery working time.
5. time dimming.
6. Build-in Constant LED Driver.


1. Infrared or Microwave sensor for optional.
2. Wide detection range more than 8-10m.
3. Working time can be set from 0h to 15hours.
4. Three induction stages design.  

Remote Control

1. Wireless IR remote control Can set up all ZGSM solar street lamps.
2. LCD indicator shows the parameter and data.
3. Fast wake-up function.

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Project location: Thailand

Project time: 2016

Project details:

30W All in one solar street light, Model: ZGSM-PVL30, 5700K,pole height=5m, 30pcs+

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