Why There Are No Street LED Lights On The Highway?

- May 31, 2019-

1. Highway safety factor is high


Are there any trips between pedestrians and non-motor vehicles on the streets of the city? No! Because motorists, tractors, and tricycles are not allowed on motorways and non-motorized vehicles on highways, there is no car with an 80 yard code in 15 seconds.

The installation of street LED Lights is not for the safety and convenience of vehicles (because they have head LED Lights), but for the safety and convenience of non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians. The service functions of expressways and urban roads are different. Urban roads have not only traffic, but also non-motorized vehicles and dense pedestrians. Therefore, there are street LED Lights; highways are roads outside urban areas connecting cities and cities, cities and rural areas. Motor cars and pedestrians. Therefore, there are no street LED Lights in the general highway.

In addition, the highway surface is very flat, there is no obvious pits, the road conditions remain better, the safety factor is higher.


2. Road reflective signs meet the demand


Is installing a street LED Light on a highway more safe and convenient for the driver? The answer is no.

Street LED Lighting is discontinuous and uneven. For high-speed vehicle drivers, this alternating LED Light and darkness can cause visual errors (illusions) that are very dangerous. In addition, it can quickly cause eye fatigue. In addition, street LED Lighting has poor illumination and scattered LED Light, which can dazzle drivers on long-distance driving and cause driving safety hazards.

There is no street LED Light. What if the driver is driving on the highway at night? When the external LED Lighting is insufficient, the vehicle head LED Lights can provide drivers with safer LED Lighting. Because there is no obstruction to the car, you can drive a high beam at night (this friend who drives must have experience). This is why some drivers prefer to turn on head LED Lights even when driving on brightly lit city streets (of course, this is a bad driving habit).


Vehicles drive at night, perfect road signs and reflective signs fully meet the needs. At night, under the strong illumination of the car head LED Lights, the reflective film on the traffic sign will reflect the LED Light directionally, illuminate the road surface, and can clearly reflect various traffic signs in the eyes of the driver, and it is sufficient to complete the direction guidance function.


3. Cost is not low, management is troublesome


The total length of highways in our country is more than 100,000 kilometers, and the installation of street LED Lights throughout the road must be a significant cost. Moreover, the randomness of the vehicle flow on the expressway line is too strong. To install a street lamp across a small number of vehicles, it is bound to cause a huge energy waste. In addition, highways running through the province, the various sections of power supply and management is also a thorny issue.


In summary, the installation of street LED Lights on highways is not necessarily scientific and energy-saving. Although the highway safety factor is relatively high, parents still need to pay attention to driving at night.