Why Should You Upgrade To LED Floodlights

- Sep 12, 2019-

Safety and security

High-power LED floodlights will add more security to your home or business property. Adding PIR (passive infrared) motion sensors will ensure that lighting is used when needed; combining safety and efficiency with brightly lit sidewalks and runways can prevent criminal activity and create a night of security for the user. LED floodlights can also highlight adjacent buildings, turning monotonous or ominous areas into attractive places that can be used at night.

Improve energy efficiency

All LED floodlighting is more energy efficient than old metal halide or halogen lighting. This is because LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) use diodes to generate light, which produces less energy than metal halides and halogen lamps. Metal halides and halogen lamps utilize filaments that produce by-products of wasted heat. This wasted heat can also cause metal halide lamps and halogen lamps to fail more quickly, resulting in greater expense in maintaining and replacing the lights. Therefore, LEDs have higher energy efficiency, longer life and lower maintenance requirements than metal halide lamps and halogen lamps.

Reduce carbon emissions and become a friendly environment

LED floodlights require less power to run comparable light output from metal halide and halogen illumination. Reducing electricity consumption can reduce the carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels. The reduction in pollution levels has long-term benefits for the environment and human health. Another environmental consequence of metal halide lamps or halogen lamps is that they become "hazardous waste." This is because the gases and mercury they contain require special handling procedures to avoid environmental pollution. Since LED floodlights do not need to be constantly replaced, the product itself is much less wasted.

Effective lighting

The lumen (light) output of LED floodlighting is more powerful than with metal halide or halogen lighting. Typically, fewer LEDs operate at lower wattages, allowing for a stronger light output than metal halide or halogen lamps. LED floodlights produce instant light and overcome the "preheat" time required for metal halide lamps. In addition, there is no waste of heat or ventilation, and halogen lamps are usually required. LED floodlights are also dimmable - the use of metal halide lamps for both difficult and expensive functions. Finally, upgrading to LED floodlights can create many effects to suit any particular setting. Chooseable color temperature - from warm white to natural daylight to cool white, combined with custom beam angles to enhance any specific setting.