UV LED Technology Will Benefit More Fields

- Sep 25, 2020-

UVC over-flow water sterilization market has great application prospects

At present, under the spotlight is the UVC LED with powerful sterilization effect. UVC LED has a short wavelength and strong photon energy. It can pass through the surface of DNA and go directly to the nucleus, thereby breaking the molecular chain of bacterial cells, making it impossible to polymerize, and proteins cannot be repeated, thereby inactivating bacteria or viruses. The sterilization application of UVC LED can be divided into solid sterilization, gas sterilization and liquid sterilization. The solid state corresponds to surface sterilization, the gas state corresponds to air sterilization, and the liquid state corresponds to static water and flow water sterilization.

According to TrendForce's "2020 Deep Ultraviolet LED Application Market and Brand Strategy Analysis Report", surface sterilization, air purification, static water sterilization, and flow water sterilization are the main growth drivers of UVC LED in the future.

UVC LED manufacturers have been working in the field of home appliance brands for many years. With the stability of UVC LED technology and increased brand acceptance, 2020 will finally usher in a growth flashpoint. Compared with the home appliance brand market, the commercial application field has a higher price acceptance of UVC LED products. Next, UVC LED will enter the field of commercial air conditioning, surface sterilization and water purification.

TrendForce's "2020 Deep Ultraviolet LED Application Market and Brand Strategy Analysis Report" pointed out that Seoul Viosys' UV LED revenue ranked first in the world in 2019. The 2020 UVC LED Industry Status and Technology Trends Seminar hosted by TrendForce Consulting is also honored to invite Seoul Viosys Chief Representative and Greater China Sales Director Lin Xiaobo to share the latest Seoul Viosys in the UVC LED field progress.

Lin Xiaobo, Chief Representative and Sales Director of Greater China, Seoul Viosys

The field of water purification has attracted the attention of major manufacturers such as chips, packages, modules, and brands, especially the flow-through water sterilization. Jiang Zhou, a senior UV LED industry expert, pointed out that over-flow water sterilization is an important branch in the application of UVC LEDs, and it has broad application prospects in civil, commercial and industrial fields. With the advancement of technology, the specifications of UVC LEDs will gradually be unified, and over-current sterilization products will gradually realize modularization and kitting, and design difficulty and cost are expected to be greatly reduced.

Lin Xiaobo frankly said that the market potential of the flow-through water sterilization is huge, and it is the application field that Seoul Viosys focuses on. At present, the germicidal rate of the UVC LED used by Seoul Viosys for the 2L/Min water purification module can reach 99.99%.