UK Factory Saves 60% Energy By Installing 'gradual Dimming' Lighting Control System

- Jul 31, 2019-

According to foreign media reports, a lighting control system called "gradual dimming" has enabled Kawasaki Precision Machinery to save 60% of its plants on the southern coast of England.

It is reported that Kawasaki Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Plymouth and is responsible for the production of industrial machinery parts for more than 25 years.

Because precision parts are designed to very high specifications, the perception and quality control of the details is critical.

After several lighting tests, the company chose the Digital Lumens intelligent lighting system from OSRAM.

The first area consists of 30 lights, servers and wireless gateways. The two existing dual 70W T8 strips can be replaced with a DLE-24 and a 24,000 lumen smart high bay light. Each high bay light has its own sensor and all controls are done in a web browser, which doubles the light intensity while still achieving 60% energy savings.

In addition to energy saving, the worker's comfort is improved by increasing the light intensity but implementing progressive dimming control.

Progressive dimming means that the control system can minimize the illumination timeout and does not cause problems for people working under the light.

After a delay of 30 seconds, the system began to darken for more than 30 seconds. This means that each lamp can be adjusted up and down slowly, saving every point of energy without compromising safety.

So far, the factory has installed 439 lamps, saving more than 2.5 million kWh and improving quality.