Two More Studies Have Shown That UVC LED Can Effectively Kill COVID-19

- Jun 10, 2020-

German UV technology developer proves that short-wave UVC irradiation can effectively inactivate new coronavirus

According to foreign media reports, Dr. Hönle, a German UV technology developer, has announced that short-wave UVC irradiation can effectively inactivate new coronaviruses.

According to public information, Haole Group was established in 1976 and is a leading global supplier of industrial UV technology. Its products cover LED UV units and LED UV equipment, UV units, UV equipment, UV nitrogen dryers, UV lamps and UV bulbs. IR lamps, UV detection technology, etc. are used for various industrial applications such as printing (offset printing or 3D printing), coating and glazing (eg, 3D coating), bonding or molding, surface sterilization, water sterilization, etc.

It is reported that Haorai Group conducts related research in the Virology Research Institute of the Frankfurt University School of Medicine. The research results show that its UV unit can kill coronavirus in a few seconds, with a sterilization rate of 99.99%.

The researchers used different UV technologies during the test, clearly demonstrating that whether it is a UVC gas discharge lamp or a UV LED, the sterilization rate and sterilization time can be kept constant and sustainable.

Therefore, Holly Group believes that the use of UVC radiation to sterilize the surrounding air and surfaces can reliably and effectively reduce the risk of new coronaviruses. Combined with various products equipped with UVC technology, the disinfection place can be extended to air sterilization, surface sterilization and other More applications.

Miyazaki University and Nikkiso joint experiments show that its UVC LED lights can inhibit the infection of the new coronavirus

According to reports, Japan's Miyazaki University cooperated with Nikkiso to jointly study the sterilization effect of UVC LED lamps. On May 27, Miyazaki University announced that joint experiments showed that short-wave UVC LED lamps installed by Nikkiso can effectively suppress the infectivity of new coronaviruses and kill them.

It is reported that in this study, the researchers used UVC LED lamps to irradiate the liquid containing the new coronavirus for 30 seconds. Three days later, they found that the infectivity of the new coronavirus was reduced by more than 99.9%. Miyazaki University hopes that the product can be used to prevent infections inside hospitals.

According to LEDinside, Nikkiso launched the UVC LED water purifier for sterilization of flowing water last year. This year, it cooperated with Taiwan Plastics to launch UV LED sterilization sweeping robot, UVC LED sterilization stick and other products to help prevent epidemic. (Text: LEDinside Janice)