The Application Scene Of LED Commercial Illumination

- Jun 05, 2017-

With the initial visual assessment, and the goal of modern commercial lighting is clear, in order to achieve a prominent function often need to carry out a specific design to foil the environment, reflecting the specific commercial nature and characteristics;

1. High-Class stores, shopping malls and other indoor commercial atmosphere lighting

LED light source energy-saving environmental protection, no ultraviolet, catering to some businesses to display personalized light environment of the mentality, has become a number of businesses for some special products to display the preferred light source; its full spectrum of color range is very suitable for foil stores and shopping malls atmosphere, LED light source in local lighting, key lighting and regional lighting advantages, can create other traditional lighting can not be compared to the high quality of light environment, very suitable for commercial lighting network. At this point, the price is a secondary consideration.

2. Entertainment, beauty salon lighting led integration of light source with full characteristics easy to control, can create static and dynamic lighting effect, from white to full spectrum of arbitrary color, rendering a strong entertainment atmosphere, led the appearance of this kind of space environment decoration design opened new ideas.

3. Bars, cafes and other leisure places atmosphere lighting LED light volume small, solid-state luminescence, give the lighting manufacturers unlimited play space, can be specialized in producing all kinds of different styles of LED lighting, and led full spectrum of arbitrary color and static lighting effect of its decorative and manufacturing features in this kind of place performance.

4. Museums, art galleries, such as lighting museums, art galleries and other places belong to the lighting environment of higher requirements of the special occasions, its display of the special requirements of the lighting light source does not contain ultraviolet rays, there is no thermal radiation. LED is a cold light source, the light does not contain ultraviolet rays, can fully meet the museum, art galleries for the special lighting requirements.

5. The commercial theater, television studio dance and photographic stage lighting LED light source in the indoor lighting application, to the theater, studio lighting environment to explain a new concept. As a first-class British television, GMTV changed the lighting of the studio to a color-changing led, reducing the energy use of lighting by more than 60%, and the studio's temperature to a more comfortable level.

6. Hotels, hotels, hotel lighting, hotel lighting use of LED products, to bring customers a different feeling, in addition to save energy, but also to display luxury and warmth, the owner, the led to create a personalized light environment can fully demonstrate the strength of the enterprise.

7. Meeting room, multi-function Hall lighting intelligent control of the LED gray-scale adjustable, can be based on meeting the content of different adjustment meeting rooms or multi-function hall lighting environment, serious or lively can be set freely, led intelligent lighting can meet the theme of different meeting light environment needs.

8. Exhibitions, fashion show lighting exhibitions, fashion shows are venues where businesses display their products and services. For businesses, in order to better attract customers, sell goods and finally reach a cooperative agreement, they need a personalized light environment to display their products and services, led in the field of exhibitions and fashion show lighting.