The Application Place Of LED Street Lamp

- Jun 02, 2017-

LED street lamps main applications, trunk roads, secondary Gan, slip roads, factories, schools, gardens, city squares, courtyards and other road lighting.

The improvement of output power and luminous flux also needs to be improved from the high power white led epitaxy, chip technology and other basic levels. In the two optical design aspect, the LED radiation form has Lambert type, side-shot type, bat wing type and concentrating type several. In the field of road lighting, according to the design experience of Lambert and bat airfoil comparison, through the two optical design, LED light range, photometric curve in line with the needs of road lighting.

LED in the road lamps used in the most common form is mainly in the lamp, in an almost flat surface (also reflective surface), loaded with a matrix-style led, this design is not possible to get a good lighting light.