Special Visual Problems Existing In Ordinary Tunnels

- Jun 05, 2017-

(1) Before entering the tunnel (daytime): Because of the high brightness difference inside and outside the tunnel, so from the outside of the tunnel to see, the light is very not sufficient tunnel entrance will see "black hole" phenomenon.

(2) After entering the tunnel (day): The car from the bright outside into even if not too dark tunnel, after a certain period of time to see the internal conditions of the tunnel, known as "adapt to lag" phenomenon.

(3) Tunnel exit: In daylight, when a car passes through a longer tunnel near the exit, the external brightness seen by the exit is extremely high, the exit appears to be a "white" that will show a strong glare and the driver will feel uncomfortable; at night, contrary to daylight, the tunnel exit sees not a bright hole but a black hole, so the driver can not see the pattern of the exterior road and the obstructions on the road.