Solar Street Lights And Flood Lights For Stadiums

- Jul 16, 2019-

Cities need new ways to create energy and reduce waste, and some of the most innovative solutions may shine in the corners of the city.

Some people may complain about congested traffic, but for residents in remote areas, the urgent need is to use electricity conveniently. Generally speaking, where there is a need, there is innovation. So can we introduce new technologies in these remote areas, let the residents there feel the hope, and let the people in the rich areas get some inspiration?

ZGSM_intergrated solar LED street light 1525

In remote areas, power is very difficult, and the streets are almost dark in the evening. However, this situation is quietly changing, and solar energy has proven to be a clean and cheap alternative energy source.

In the stadium of a park, there are so many people, it can be said that it is full, you can see the people's love for sports in the area, but when the sun goes down, people can't continue to exercise.

Recently, a new set of solar floodlights and street lights have been installed on both sides of the stadium, so the game can last until late at night.

A person who often sports on the court said: "This light can not only last until late at night, but the light is about the same as the brightness in the morning. It doesn't affect the sport at all. It's really fun to compete with the players at night. !"

This remote area has been very well received by the masses since it was equipped with solar street lights and floodlights. The area decided to use such solar street lights and floodlights on a large scale. Under the same effect, the power consumption of LED lighting products is 1/8 of that of incandescent bulbs, 1/2 of fluorescent tubes, and the theoretical life of LED lamps is up to 100,000 hours. The energy-saving renovation of lighting has further reduced energy consumption in the region and greatly improved the quality of life.