Smart LED Lighting

- Jun 04, 2019-


1. Remote Control

Whether opening and closing lights on the way to and from work, or turning on or off lights in another room in one room, it can be remotely controlled through the APP of a mobile phone or other products. This may be the reason that smart LED Lights are the most practical and worth buying. Especially for families with elderly or children at home, older people are more forgetful. Sometimes they may forget to turn off the lights in certain rooms. At this time, they do not need to run for a second time. They just need to use their mobile phones to operate. . For children, some children need a little light to sleep at night, but after sleeping to turn off the lights for better sleep and energy saving, a smart LED Light can meet this requirement, or the parents confirm that After the child falls asleep, remotely turn off the lights, either set the time or turn off the lights automatically.

2 More Functions

Most smart LED Lights have additional subsidiary functions, such as some LED Lights can customize tens of thousands of light colors, some smart LED Lights and speaker functions, and some smart LED Lights are equipped with cameras synchronously, which can play home lighting and video The role of monitoring and so on. These features are not possible with ordinary LED Lights, and users can choose what they need to buy, which is “fun” compared to ordinary LED Lights.

3. Energy Saving And Environmental Protection

A smart LED Light is basically a LED light. The advantage of a general LED light is high energy saving and long service life. The lighting effect of LED lights is more than 80% more than that of ordinary light sources, and the service life can be as long as 60,000-100,000 hours, more than 10 times longer than the life of ordinary LED Lights, and there is no ultraviolet and infrared rays in the light source spectrum of LED lights, and there is no radiation It also has no heat, no mercury, it can be recycled after being broken, no pollution, it is a green light source, and it is very environmentally friendly.


1. High Price

The price of a smart LED Light is much higher than that of an ordinary LED Light. In particular, a light with more functions may be a few dozen times more than an ordinary LED Light, and the price may be prohibitive at every turn. In particular, are additional features that are worth spending extra money on these features?

2. How practical are some functions ?

Speaking of smart LED Lights, compared to ordinary LED Lights, there are various functions, such as a variety of custom colors, with external functions, with camera functions, but after a fresh moment, in the end how much practicality of these functions is not yet known , especially the so-called tens of thousands of colors, but how many people will spend a lot of time every day to find different colors on the Internet and set up their own home lighting? Is it worthwhile to invest a sum of money to purchase these functions?

Right now, LED industry opportunities and challenges coexist. However, whether LED companies can learn to grasp the nature of the lighting industry, tap users' pain points, and dare to break through innovation are the most important in the round-by-round elimination. From the initial exploration, awkwardly "imitation", and now gradually forming a positive self-design philosophy, the road to branding of Chinese LED companies may seem like a "gateway," and who will be the winner in this round of elimination? ? It also takes time to give the answer.