Road Light

- May 04, 2018-

The luminaire is shaped as original fluid sculpture, designed to lift up by snapping, and in-built quick plug connector. The luminaire enables to switch off automatically after removing the lid, which keeps the installation and maintenance secure and convenient;

    The housing is high strength die-casting aluminum, the appearance with electrostatic spraying; diffuser is high-performance tempered glass which owns 94% light transmittance;

    Adopt Lumileds LED light source, high flus output, excellent consistency of light color; provide types of optional beam angle, control the light distribution rationally, ensure street surface with ideal brightness and uniformity;

     The driver in-built which owns power efficiency as high as 93% is with the input voltage 180-305V AC and 6KV lightning stroke resistance, in-built active power factor with correction surpasses 0.95; Construct PWM constant current technology internal with the performance of high efficiency, low heat and superior precision of constant current;

    Support the installation of lightning protection module which can prevent the luminaire from attack of surge as high as 20KA.

Long time of 7 years warranty  can give you securely use experience , we will always be here for you !

Road light.png