- Jan 17, 2020-

LED canopy lights are excellent lighting options and are able to suit a variety of needs as well as offer great advantages such as energy efficiency. our customers often ask about the advantages and best uses of outdoor canopy lighting.


When it comes to LED canopy lighting, there is a multitude of functional advantages that include:

• Versatility – canopy lighting can be used in a number of locations thanks to their versatility. They are especially effective in outdoor settings such as petrol stations, open-plan warehouses, and other outdoor areas.

• Robust and stable – canopy lighting is durable and will not damage easily.

• Increased safety – thanks to the excellent illumination given off by LED lighting, the safety and security of pedestrians and cars are increased.


There are a variety of ideas for which outdoor canopy lighting is best suited. The most common ideas for uses include;

• Petrol Stations – canopy lighting gives drivers and customers a greater sense of security thanks to its excellent lighting properties. It allows drivers to feel welcome and also ensures that dark areas are minimised, which is of special interest for those petrol stations that have CCTV cameras.

• Parking Areas/Loading Bays – excellent vision and lighting are essential in areas such as parking lots and loading bay because it provides a well-lit area that will minimise the risk of accidents that were a result of poor vision. Security and safety are also enhanced thanks to the increased lighting.

• Walkways and common areas – common areas within offices, industrial complexes or public areas such as parks, are more likely to be used if there were better lighting. Canopy lighting offers a far-reaching blanket of light which illuminates these kinds of areas, enhancing safety.

Increased safety and security of all areas where LED canopy lighting is installed can lead to an increase in customer loyalty. LED lighting is an energy efficient option, significantly lowering your electricity costs.