New Products From MEAN WELL: LCM-40 / 60BLE Bluetooth Connected LED Power Driver

- May 22, 2020-

MEAN WELL adopts the Bluetooth networking module of European manufacturer Casambi, combined with LCM-40 / 60-BLE two wattages for power design, can be used with any indoor and commercial lighting fixtures, allowing users to easily use APP software for Bluetooth Network control. After downloading the APP software, users can make initial settings through mobile phones or tablet computers, including group settings, scene shading settings and timer switch settings. These functions can be achieved by simple settings through the APP, and can be used with CASAMBI related wall switches and sensors for extended use, which can make the lighting control more intelligent.

In addition, the LCM-40 / 60-BLE power supply also has a built-in DIP SWITCH to provide a multi-segment current adjustable function, which is convenient for users to adjust and use for different lamps and reduce the number of models. Each power supply can also provide a synchronization function, which can be connected up to 10 The power supply is used as an address. In addition, the LCM BLE power supply also provides an input function that can be freely defined by the user. The user can control a single or multiple lamps through the traditional wall push switch, or control the lighting situation setting through the group to achieve the maximum flexibility of the control. Change.

The latest Bluetooth networking technology can be connected through each module (Mesh), no need to connect through an additional Gateway, which is the best advantage of using Bluetooth networking, but also solves the traditional Bluetooth Restrictions on use and short-distance transmission. In addition, users can also store the relevant settings in the cloud through the CASAMBI system, so that users can do more applications. For more application information, please refer to the CASAMBI website.