Meanwell XLG Series

- May 24, 2019-

In 2019, the Taiwan International Lighting Technology Exhibition ended last week. It can be found that LED technology has penetrated into general lighting, and major LED lighting manufacturers will extend their reach to multiple niche applications. However, no matter how the application is oriented to change the upgrade, the drive power is always the core corner of the LED, starting the heart of the electronic application.

As LED lighting continues to develop towards differentiation and niche, as a driving power source for the generals behind the scenes, how can we take advantage of the industry to keep up with the industry? At this year's Taiwan Lighting Fair, LEDinside interviewed Meanwell, who has been cultivating LED drive power for many years, sharing how they can develop steadily in the industry with high-quality and diversified brand features, and further understand Meanwell's current market turmoil. The secret of continuously exploring the source of customers and laying out the world.

Join XLG's new product, create a high quality brand

The launch of the new XLG series power supply is a major event for this year's Meanwell. Compared with the previous products, the XLG series features constant power output, compact design and compliance with the latest safety certification.

The constant power design provides a wide range of voltages and currents, allowing customers to choose between different LED sources. Only a single product is required to cover the needs of a larger range of applications, eliminating the need to select different power supplies for voltage or current details, providing ease of use.

The XLG series also complies with the latest safety regulations. In addition to meeting the latest IEC61347 specifications in the European Union, it increases the isolation between the light and the output. It also incorporates common specifications such as RCM, BIS, PSE, and KC in Korea into the standard version. .

"Reducing the power supply size is the biggest challenge of the XLG series." Lin Jiansong explained that the smaller the power supply size, the harder it is to dissipate heat. Meanwell uses double-panel and heat-dissipating glue to enhance heat dissipation, and successfully reduces the power supply size by 20-30% compared with the general commercial power supply. In response to the trend of miniaturization of luminaire design, Mingwei provides LED design customers with more design flexibility with lighter, thinner and shorter power supplies.

Meanwellcontinues to pay attention to market demand, design and develop the products that are closest to the market, satisfy diversified LED applications with a small number of products, establish brand reputation, and continue to grow steadily in the undulating industry. In addition to the existing top ten product lines, new product lines are gradually taking shape.