Lighting Requirements For Tunnels

- Jun 05, 2017-

Tunnel lighting design Considerations include length, line style, interior, road type, there is no sidewalk, link road structure, design speed, traffic volume and car types, but also to consider light color, lighting, arrangement, lighting level, external brightness and human eye adaptation, tunnel lighting design is to solve a series of problems.

The energy-saving of tunnel lighting is a requirement for light source, luminaire and illumination method, energy-saving includes lighting design energy saving and management energy saving, including lighting design energy-saving is the most important energy-saving measures, it includes the use of novel, reliable design concepts and reasonable standard values, as well as the use of efficient light source, efficient lighting, increased light reflectance and lighting control energy saving. Led contrast traditional light source, the biggest advantage is energy saving and stability, so based on the advantages and characteristics of LED, improve the efficiency of LED chip, reasonable lighting design to enhance the overall efficiency of the lamp, is the current led tunnel lighting need to solve important problems.

LED light source is to measure the efficiency of its tunnel light source of the basic indicators, according to the actual requirements of LED tunnel lamp, its light efficiency needs to reach a certain level to meet the replacement of traditional road lighting light source lamps, Metal halide lamp needs.

In recent years with the LED chip, packaging and light distribution technology constantly updated development, LED light source efficiency has been raised to a new level, such as Spark series LED tunnel lights, the use of high-quality chips, reasonable lighting and structural design, the average light efficiency is far higher than the current LED tunnel lamp products.