LED Lights And Traditional Street Lamps (high Pressure Sodium Lamp) Contrast

- Oct 19, 2017-

LED lights and traditional street lamps (high pressure sodium lamp) contrast

With the widespread use of high power LEDs in lighting fixtures and lighting, power LED drives are becoming increasingly important. Road lighting using high-power LED lighting will become possible. Road lighting is the longest time and the largest power consumption of the lights, street lamps using LED lights will greatly reduce the city's energy shortage, saving the national energy. Domestic LED lights a lot of manufacturers, the production of product performance vary widely. Here I only do LED street lamp industry to do a very good, and representative of China and Hong Kong in Hong Kong Digital Technology Co., Ltd. production of LED lights as an example. With the traditional street lamp (high pressure sodium lamp) to compare.

Here we are from the LED lights and traditional street lighting performance and economic aspects of the two comments.

First, the comparison of performance comparison

1, the service life comparison

Today, the market flow of traditional street light source high pressure sodium lamp, domestic quality and technical problems due to short life, are generally less than 6000 hours, Hangzhou China and Hong Kong Digital Technology Co., Ltd. LED lamp life of 50,000 hours or more, is now the most current circulation Good high pressure sodium lamp more than 8 times the life, that is to say, high pressure sodium lamp replacement more than 8 times, LED lights were replaced once, replace the light source costs are not alive, maintenance costs and the resulting inconvenience is the most obvious Contrast, (due to special use of street lamps, replacement difficulties, to spend some manpower. Machine resources to complete the operation.) LED lights on the number of switches has no effect, unlimited, and high pressure sodium switch on the number of switches have some restrictions, generally only Switch 4000 to 5000 times, life is over. LED lights any number of switches and the end of the life of the lamp without black phenomenon, and high pressure sodium lamp switch 1000 or 1000 hours after the lamp was black, light efficiency decreased by 16%.

2, start performance comparison

LED lights are instantaneous start, and high pressure sodium lamp to achieve the normal brightness of the need for more than 10 minutes, and this time high pressure sodium lamp power consumption, and LED street lamp power consumption is normal. Through the control circuit (such as Hangzhou China and Hong Kong digital) LED street lamp input voltage can be between 90 volts to 305 volts on the LED lights have no effect. The high pressure sodium lamp in the input voltage is less than 185 volts when it can not start, more than 245V power increased by 12%. This high-pressure sodium lamp on the power supply line requirements are relatively high. The LED has no effect

3, color comparison

High pressure sodium lamp color can only reach 20 to 30, and LED lights can reach more than 85. This is more than the traditional lighting fixtures can make the driver better identify the obstacles in the road and the surrounding environment, to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. (S / P), so the luminous flux emitted by the high pressure sodium lamp is multiplied by a correction value (0.64) that is the light that the human eye feels, and the light is the same as that of the human eye strength. And LED lamps issued by the luminous flux to be multiplied by a correction value (1.60) is the human eye feel the intensity.

4 color temperature range

The temperature range of the high pressure sodium lamp is 2000 to 2500, and the color temperature range of the LED street lamp is 2700 to 7000. Low temperature, then in the winter to give a warm feeling, but in the summer but gives the feeling of hot. Color temperature is high, in the winter gives the feeling of cold, and in the summer gives a cool feeling. Most people spend more time in the summer and have less time in the winter, and the hot weather in the year is more than the cold weather. So, relatively white light with high color temperature for road lighting better!

5 light failure

LED lights light failure with LED lamps radiator has a great relationship, and some do better manufacturers, such as Hangzhou China and Hong Kong Digital Technology Co., Ltd., their radiator is an independent development of the mold, developed a radiator to make It is a good fit with the lamp beads, in order to achieve the best cooling effect! So its light failure in the case of 10,000 hours less than two percent! The high pressure sodium lamp light failure in general, in 2000 hours when the light failure is greater than 25%!

6, lighting efficiency comparison

LED street lamp power efficiency can reach 88%, while the efficiency of high pressure sodium lamp can only reach 70%. Such as 120-watt LED street lamp full power consumption of 120 watts, and 120-watt high pressure sodium lamp power consumption of 156 watts.

7, environmental comparison

LED lights do not contain mercury, no UV radiation, low operating temperature to reduce heat emissions, because of its power, so it saves power generation coal, less coal power generation, thus saving carbon dioxide emissions! The high pressure sodium lamp which contains mercury, ultraviolet radiation, work a lot of heat emissions, power consumption, waste of coal and emissions of large amounts of carbon dioxide! LED power factor greater than 0.99, while the high-pressure sodium lamp power factor of about 0.44 or so, so that LED pollution on the grid is very small, and high pressure sodium lamp on the power grid pollution! LED lamps without flicker, no light pollution, and high pressure sodium lamp has a clear strobe, light pollution!

8, effective light utilization

    LED light source due to the characteristics of the point light source, the object was directed light. Basically no waste of light, so there is a very high light utilization, can reach more than 92%, while the high pressure sodium lamp due to four shiny, part of the light is blocked by the light source itself

And the luminous point is large, not easy to do optical design, the lamp efficiency is not high, and the exit of the spot will not be required with the effective exposure to the surface and waste part of the light source so the lamp reflector and then projected onto the surface of the object, the middle will lose part of the light The So the traditional light efficient light utilization rate of 55 to 60%