LED Floodlight Has A Good Lighting Effect

- May 22, 2019-

LED Floodlight, it is a kind of special lamp type with excellent heat dissipation function, it is often used by people to industrial and mining industry, LED Floodlight lamp not only has very good illumination effect, concentrating high, but also very environmental protection, the light source is very pure, guarantee people safe operation.

Lamp market, there are many different materials made, different use of the lamps and lanterns, people according to the different functions of these lamps to use them in different fields, before, LED Flood Light we are talking about the lighting used in our daily life, and now, we are living in the use of less led floodlight bar, It will not be used by people to home lighting, but to use a lot of floodlight industry, next, let us go into the world of LED Floodlight, see what led floodlight is a kind of lamp, it and other lamps compared to how different characteristics.

LED floodlight is a kind of lamps specially designed for floodlight industry, which mainly has the following advantages:

1, le floodlight durable, long service life. In our lamps and lanterns market, led floodlight almost all uses the high quality aluminum alloy material to carry on the manufacture of the lamp shell, LED Flood Light the strength of aluminum alloy is relatively high, all aspects of the performance is relatively stable, therefore, after a long period of use will not change the phenomenon of line deformation, its surface is a high-pressure electrostatic spray treatment, Make the surface of the lamp grip comfortable, long service life.

2, LED floodlight has certain explosion-proof performance. Considering the particularity of the luminaire location, we are in the production of LED floodlight, the use of a special explosion-proof structural design, and using tempered glass to make lamps lampshade, coupled with the production of die-casting technology, LED floodlight of the finished product performance is relatively stable, with a certain explosion-proof performance, LED Flood Light Very convenient to use, high safety factor.

3, LED floodlight light efficiency high, has the very good environmental protection performance. After the LED appears, many of our lamps are used led to make, led floodlight is so, we all know. LED is a solid-state cold light source, is a new type of light source, the use of LED production of industrial and mining lamps, LED Flood Light with a very small heating rate, light efficiency is relatively high and low power consumption rate is a relatively ideal floodlight work lamp appliances.