High Bay Light, Flood-light, Street Light, Find Whatever You Want In ZGSM!

- Sep 02, 2020-

ZGSM has been focusing on the LED field for fifteen years, constantly developing new LED lights. In 2020, we have planned to develop several new lights.

1. High luminous efficiency high bay light with favorable price



Helios Series

● Wide power range: 100W~200W

● Luminaire efficacy up to 190 lm/W

● 70% energy saving, short ROI period

● Up to 50, 000h at L70, low maintenance cost

● Durability, suitable for dry and wet applications

● Versatile in mounting with wall mounted, loop hanging, steel chain hanging

● RoHS compliant, environmental friendly, no mercury or lead, 100% recyclable

5 years warranty

Good news is that this product is already on sale.

2. Small floodlight directly connected to AC power, cheap and widely applicable


Power range 10W-50W, will be available in one or two months.

3. 20-240W light-duty LED street light

    What's the appearance?    

Coming to production before end of this year.

Stay tuned for our new surprises...