Guangzhou Will Build About 80,000 Smart Light Poles By 2025, And 4238 This Year

- Sep 04, 2020-

On July 7, the 113th Executive Meeting of the 15th Guangzhou Municipal Government reviewed and approved the "Guangzhou Smart Light Pole Construction Management Work Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"). The "Plan" proposes that by 2025, about 80,000 smart light poles will be built in the city, of which about 42,000 are in the downtown area, and about 32,000 5G micro-station sites will be provided, which will provide the central city with the need to ensure the deep coverage of 5G networks. Site resources. At the same time, a unified management platform for smart light poles will be built, and a number of smart city applications such as smart lighting, smart transportation, and smart police will be put on poles.

The smart light pole is a new type of information infrastructure that integrates lighting, video surveillance, traffic management, environmental monitoring, communication and other functions. It consists of infrastructure and poles, lighting facilities, traffic, video surveillance and other pole-mounted facilities. An important carrier of the new smart city. To seize opportunities for the development of new infrastructure and smart cities such as 5G, promote the in-depth integration of the new generation of information and communication technologies and the construction of new smart cities, and strengthen Guangzhou’s leading position in the development of emerging industries such as 5G, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Vehicles. Expand the scope of pilot work for the promotion of smart light poles and formulate this plan.

As a new generation of urban information infrastructure, smart light poles are related to many areas in the "new infrastructure", such as 5G base stations, charging piles for new energy vehicles, and Internet of Vehicles. As an important part and important entrance of a smart city, smart light poles are a natural carrying platform for the informatization construction of smart cities.

The "Plan" proposes that Guangzhou should speed up the pilot promotion of smart light poles in the city's main roads and important places. It is mainly to meet the future 5G evolution, the vigorous development of the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, unmanned driving, cloud computing, virtual reality, etc., as well as the needs of high-performance cities, and promote the overall construction and planning of the city. According to the actual construction needs and progress of the operator's 5G base station, adjustments will be made based on factors such as the actual situation in each district.

To this end, Guangzhou will advance the pilot construction of smart light poles in an orderly manner, formulate local standards for smart light pole construction, and formulate special plans for the pilot construction of smart light poles. The "Plan" proposes to accelerate the pilot construction of smart light poles in an all-round way, combined with the construction progress of financial investment projects such as annual new roads, urban renewal, and major projects, and promote the synchronization of the establishment, design, construction and synchronization of the pilot construction of smart light poles and financial investment projects. Check and accept, and strengthen the coordination of integrated construction of communication pipelines, power expansion and pilot construction of smart light poles. At the same time, smart light poles will be promoted on non-municipal roads such as Nansha, Huangpu and other key areas, important industrial parks, and major living quarters. Simultaneously promote the upgrading and transformation of old light poles.

According to the plan, the total planned construction of smart light poles in Guangzhou in 2020 will be 4,238, covering 842 roads, with a radiation area of 3,242.89 square kilometers. The construction area is selected from busy areas in various districts, and the core business district is planned, covering the road sections where operators need to mount micro base stations, and the demonstration pilot promotion projects of smart light poles in 11 districts of Guangzhou. Among them, the number of smart light poles planned in Yuexiu District is 704, which is the largest among all districts. Haizhu District is followed by 614 smart light poles.