Gas Station Lights

- Nov 09, 2018-

Gas station lights:

Basic overview:

Gas stations are an important part of urban public services. Traditional gas stations usually adopt 250W and 400W metal halide lamps.

Or the non-polar lamp, metal halide lamp and other 360 - degree luminescence, light loss caused by the shortcomings of huge energy waste.

Therefore, it is of great significance to develop new and efficient LED gas station lamps with long life, high color index and environmental protection.

The lighting of gas stations is closely related to people's life. LED gas station lamps are directional light, low power consumption, good driving characteristics, fast response speed, high earthquake resistance.

With the advantages of long service life, green and environmental protection gradually coming into people's view, LED lights have become the most new generation of energy-saving light source in the world, which replaces the advantages of traditional light source.

Therefore, LED gas station lights will be the best choice for energy saving transformation of gas station lighting, and it is an inevitable trend.

Basic features:

1. The LED gas station lamp body is made of high-strength die-casting aluminum material, with anti-aging electrostatic spraying on the surface and strong self-cleaning and corrosion resistance. 2. The mask adopts high strength anti-broken glass to resist impact and friction. 3. Adopt high-quality corui LED products with high stability, long life of up to 25,000 to 50,000 hours, more than 10 times longer than traditional light source, and achieve low investment and high return. 4. Green, environment-friendly, pollution-free, cold light design, no thermal radiation, no damage to eyes and skin. Free of lead, mercury and other pollution elements, the design of green 5 and humanized structure is realized, and the installation and maintenance of lamps is easier. Suitable for a variety of applications. 6. Sufficient heat dissipation of lamps and lanterns, low temperature of cover, safety and good protection. 7. Good color rendering, stable brightness, more realistic presentation of physical colors, and the color temperature of LED light source can be selected to meet the needs of different environments.

"Lighting characteristics of LED gas station lamp [1] : 1, LED gas station Lantern Festival duty in the national leading level, energy saving effect obviously 2, LED gas station light super power integrated chips, technology in the international advanced level 3, good monochromaticity, good diffusion degree, the light is downy, high luminous efficiency, 4 LED gas station light cold light source, no radiation, no harmful metallic mercury, 5 of green environmental protection, LED gas station light products by the national light industry electric light source materials quality supervision and inspection center, 6, LED gas station light lamp body adopts imported raw materials, elaborate, good impact resistance, surface oxidation in the sciences, The LED gas station lamp has the characteristics of modern lighting. The LED gas station lamp is simple to install and convenient to adjust.

Energy saving LED gas station lamps -ZGSM:

Application: gas station, toll station.

A series of gas stations adopt aluminum alloy stretched shell, which has better heat transfer effect. All the screws in series A petrol station are stainless steel.

High transparency and uv-resistant PC lenses can be used for A series of gas station lamps to improve system efficiency and effectively protect leds from any damage.

A series of gas station lamps have excellent heat dissipation performance as their heat fins are directly exposed to the air.

By using the efficient philips Luxeon 3535 TX chip, the system efficiency of H series gas station lamp can be as high as 105lm/w.

Gas station lamp can be used in zone 2 explosion area.