Features Of Flood-control Lamps

- Jun 05, 2017-

Explosion-proof function: By the State authority of the explosion-proof certification, flameproof and add-safe composite explosion-proof type, in full accordance with the national explosion-proof standard production, with excellent explosion-proof, anti-static effect, can be in the inflammable and explosive place safety work.

Efficient energy-saving: Light Source Selection solid-state maintenance-free led, low energy consumption, high luminous efficiency, life-long 100,000 hours, energy-saving and environmental protection; excellent circuit design, working light and strong light conversion, strong light continuous lighting 5 hours, working light continuous lighting up to 13 hours.

Rechargeable battery: High energy without memory battery, charge and discharge performance is stable, high capacity, self-discharge rate is low, economic environment.

Intelligent Hint: humanized electricity indicator and low voltage warning function design, when the electricity is insufficient, the lamp will automatically prompt the charge. Excellent structure and seal design, protection grade IP65 to ensure that lamps and lanterns can work stably and reliably for a long time in harsh environment.

Easy to use: imported reliable and durable materials and optimized structural design, light weight, lighter than the similar type of light 50 lightening the burden of carrying and transporting workers. Lamp angle can be adjusted according to the needs of the site, positioning irradiation. Small size, light weight, easy to carry, can be used hand-held, magnetic adsorption, hanging, mesa placement and other lighting methods.