Don't Worry If The LED Lights Are Broken, Three Solutions Here To Help You.

- Jul 08, 2019-

LED Chip damage

After the LED light is turned on, some of the LED Chips are not lit, and it can be basically judged that the LED Chip is damaged. The damaged LED Chip can generally be seen with the naked eye - there is a black spot on the surface of the lamp to prove that it has been burned. Sometimes the LED Chip is connected in series and then in parallel, so if one LED Chip is lost, it will cause one LED Chip to be off.

We offer two repair options based on the number of LED Chip damage. First, a small amount of damage

If only one or two LED Chips are broken, we can repair them in two ways:

1. Locate the broken LED Chip and connect the metal at both ends with a wire to short it. The effect of this is that most of the LED Chips can be lit normally, and only the individual beads that are broken are not bright, which has little effect on the overall brightness.

2. If your hands-on ability is strong, you can go online to buy the same type of LED Chips (a large pack of ten dollars), and replace it yourself - use the electric iron (the blower blows for a while) to heat the old LED Chips After the glue on the back of the old LED Chip is dissolved, use the tweezers to remove the old LED Chip (do not use your hands, too hot). At the same time, put the new LED Chips on the heat (pay attention to the positive and negative poles), you're done!

Second, a lot of damage

If the LED Chip is damaged in a large amount, it is recommended to replace the entire LED Chip. The LED Chip is also available on the Internet. Pay attention to three points when purchasing: 1. Measure the size of your own lamp; 2. Look at the appearance of the lamp bezel and the starter connector (explained later); 3. Remember the output of the starter. Power range (explained later).

These three points of the new LED Chip must be the same as the old LED Chip board - it is very simple to replace the LED Chip board. The old LED Chip board is fixed on the lamp holder with screws, and it can be directly removed. The new LED Chip board is fixed by a magnet. When replacing, remove the new LED Chip board and connect the connector of the starter.

Starter damage

The faults of most LED lights are all on the starter - if the lamp is not lit at all, or if the lamp fails to flash after the lamp is turned on, the starter is broken.

The starter can't be repaired, it can only be replaced, but the new starter is not expensive. Pay attention to three points when purchasing a new launcher:

1. Pay attention to the appearance of the connector - the appearance of the starter connector is as follows (if the starter is male, the LED Chip is the female; vice versa) ▼

2. Remember if your lamp can change color and change colors. The new launcher must have the same amount of discoloration as the old launcher.

3. Remember the output power range of the starter - a range will be marked on the starter, as long as the power of the bead is within this range.

It is still very simple to replace, first separate the starter and the LED Chip, and the starter is also fixed on the base with screws, and can be removed. The new starter is also a magnet, sucked and connected to the LED Chip.