Commercial Use Of LED Lights

- Jun 04, 2019-

Along with the socio-economic development and the improvement of people's living standard, people have an increasingly higher demand for commercial space. Lighting is an important part of shop space, lighting design to attract and guide the eyes of consumers.

Through shaping space environment, create a fascinating exhibition space and to display the image, using a variety of lighting shows image of the shop and makes people think, evokes resonates with consumers, establish Exchange emotional connection with consumers.

1, food shop

Food store by the difference of food placed into the counter and vertical sales models, lighting used in different modes in different ways. As the food itself are small, color rich, high lighting intensity and color requirements. Grocery store counter, cash register area and channel areas.

Recommended configuration: counter sales area: vertical sales areas: cash register: channel:

2, pastry shop

Pastry shops to operate mainly of bread, cake, for high color rendering on the show, emphasizing factors such as color, bright, fresh, high lighting requirements. Outside the met show focuses on these factors, you also need to create a comfortable shopping environment. Shops at West point at the same time derived from the dining area, lighting should be both functional and dining, casual atmosphere of the building.