Coming! Shenzhen Released The Country's First Multi-functional Smart Bar Local Standard

- Oct 02, 2019-

On May 24, the Shenzhen Industrial and Information Technology Bureau reported that in order to speed up the preparation of Shenzhen's multi-functional smart bar local standards, Zheng Yi, deputy inspector of Shenzhen Industrial and Information Technology Bureau, presided over the meeting on May 14. Multi-function Rod System Technology and Engineering Construction Specification (referred to as "Specification") Shenzhen Landmark Preparation Work Startup Meeting, City Urban Management Bureau, Meteorological Bureau, Smart Rod Industry Promotion Association, CLP Wisdom Institute, Huawei, SAR Jianfa, etc. 26 The unit participated in the meeting.

Among them, Huawei said that it wants to combine 5G technology with multi-functional smart rod technology standards, upgrade the technical standard level, and drive the development of the national multi-functional smart rod industry with Shenzhen technology and industry leading edge.

On September 23, the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Administration approved the issuance of the “Code for Design and Engineering Construction of Multi-Function Smart Rod Systems”, which is the first local standard for multi-functional smart bars. The specification applies to the design, construction, acceptance, operation management and maintenance of the new multi-functional smart rod system in Shenzhen. It will be implemented on October 1, 2019.

The specification specifies the overall requirements for system design, system engineering, system operation management and maintenance of multi-function smart bars with a height of 15 m and below. Design requirements for other infrastructure such as integrated chassis and pipeline laying channels between multi-function smart bars shall comply with the corresponding specifications and standards.

The specification shows that the multi-function smart pole (also known as the smart-pole, multi-function smart pole) is a composite public infrastructure and an important carrier for building a comprehensive smart city in the future. The multi-function smart stick system supports intelligent lighting, video capture, mobile communication, public WLAN, traffic management, public broadcasting, environmental monitoring, weather monitoring, radio monitoring, one-touch calling, information distribution, multimedia interaction, and electric vehicle charging.

Regarding the requirements of intelligent lighting equipment, the specification points out that intelligent lighting, including lighting equipment and intelligent management, can realize remote centralized management and control, and support lighting operation status monitoring, lighting power monitoring, and convenient query and positioning functions. In order to control glare, lighting equipment should use cut-off or half-cut light fixtures, and non-cut-light fixtures should not be used. There shall be an electrical cavity with a degree of protection not lower than IP65 in the luminaire. The lamp wire shall be wired in the terminal of the electrical cavity and shall not be wired inside the pole.

It is reported that Shenzhen will soon promote the pilot construction of Futian Central District and Qianhai Qianwan Road, and comprehensively launch the construction of multi-functional smart poles in the city.

It is also worth mentioning that Guangdong Province introduced the provincial-level wisdom pole standard at the end of last month.

On August 30th, the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the Guangdong Standard “Technical Specification for Smart Light Pole”, which regulates the planning, design, construction, inspection and acceptance, operation management and maintenance of smart light poles, also in 2019. Implemented on the 1st of the month.

The Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development stated that the "Technical Specification for Smart Light Pole" was formulated in accordance with the "Guangdong Province Accelerated 5G Industry Development Action Plan (2019-2022)" on focusing on optimizing the 5G development environment and promoting the high-quality development of the 5G industry, and In order to implement the promotion and application of smart light poles, the plan for the construction of smart light poles in Guangdong Province, the construction of smart cities, the integration of urban space and land resources, and the improvement of urban environmental quality were formulated.

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