Characteristics Of Commercial Lighting

- Jun 05, 2017-

Modern commercial lighting is obviously on the basis of adhering to the traditional commercial lighting has more connotations.

1. There is a scientific definition of illumination, color temperature, light source color in a given commercial environment, and a more accurate measurement based on the requirements, unlike the initial visual assessment;

2. The goal of modern commercial lighting is clear, in order to achieve a prominent function often need to carry out a specific design to foil the environment, reflecting the specific commercial nature and characteristics;

3. The nature of modern commercial lighting is determined by the purpose of illumination, often using regional multi point light source and light color space combination in the means of rendering atmosphere;

4. With the application of High-tech computer controllable technology, it can interact with the audience in a dynamic, changeable and specific way;

5. With the development of compact light source, ballast, such as Super small, ultra-thin, a variety of new technology, the lighting of the novel technology, the use of electrical accessories, modern commercial lighting is to small, practical and multi-functional development;

6. From a single lighting function to lighting and decoration and the direction of conversion.

With the progress of the Times, the modern commercial lighting of the technical means, lighting aesthetic concepts are constantly updated.