Canopy Light

- May 16, 2019-

Our H series LED Canopy Light is a modular lighting system giving you the best in lumen output and beam spread. The modular lighting system is assembled and offers flexibility for indoor and outdoor lighting. So it’s perfect for the most challenging environments offering an industrial-grade, high-density, IP65 lighting solution. Great for retrofit and new construction.


For example, the 80W-100W Canopy Light Fixture serves as a direct replacement for 200wmetal halide or high-pressure sodium HID light fixtures. This fixture is capable of producing equivalent lighting output while consuming 70% less energy than a 200w HID fixture. The 110° beam spread allows this fixture to illuminate maximum coverage of your desired area of use. The slim profile canopy light fixture is a leading product in the industry due to its high quality design, efficiency, and long operating life span.


So H Series LED Canopy Light fixture serves as a perfect solution for lighting outdoor/indoor areas. These fixtures are most commonly used in various surface mount architectural applications such as: outdoor canopies, breeze-ways, car-ports, workshops, parking garages, and many more. Because it’s explosion proof, it can be also used in gas station lighting.