Bluetooth Technology Alliance And DALI Announce Cooperation To Jointly Promote Smart Lighting Solutions

- Jun 10, 2020-

According to reports, the Bluetooth Technology Alliance (SIG) and DiiA, a global DALI alliance in the lighting and sensor industry, announced a collaboration aimed at accelerating the adoption of IoT-enabled commercial lighting systems.

This cooperation will make it possible to deploy qualified DALI-2 equipment and intelligent D4i lighting equipment and qualified Bluetooth mesh intelligent lighting control networks.

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) protocol is currently a new generation of lighting control protocol popular in the field of lighting control. It is an internationally publicized lighting control communication protocol that specifies electronic ballasts, control units and various sensors The way of digital communication control. It adopts Manchester encoding format for transmission and has powerful dimming functions such as overall, group dimming, address dimming, and multiple scene mode settings.

Paul Drosihn, general manager of DiiA, said: "Combining Bluetooth mesh with DALI is a natural choice for the commercial lighting industry. This combination can enable sensor-rich lighting systems and will provide building managers with powerful new IoT capabilities. Including Automatic lighting level and color control, advanced luminaire performance monitoring (including energy usage and predictive maintenance), and enhanced services such as asset tracking and indoor navigation."

A commercial lighting system that supports IoT is composed of two key components: a lighting device that includes a sensor IoT, and a lighting control system that supports IoT. DALI-2 from DiiA provides a certified lighting equipment ecosystem, including smart D4i lighting equipment.

DiiA is an open global lighting alliance. The organization is based on DALI international certification standard IEC 62386 and aims to enhance the global lighting dimming control solution market. DiiA was established in response to the requirements of the industry. On the basis of the success of DALI version 1, the DALI-2 certification program with an independent certification pushes the entire industry to a brand new function and interoperability.

Through this collaboration, the leading lighting industry companies of the two organizations now combine the two standards together by specifying the standard Bluetooth mesh interface for certified DALI-2 and D4i devices, thereby achieving control with qualified Bluetooth mesh lighting Network connection.

Mark Powell, CEO of the Bluetooth SIG, said: “Owners of commercial buildings around the world are required to improve energy efficiency while also improving the user experience. This collaboration implements an intelligent lighting system based on the Internet of Things, which is expected to Building owners provide exact solutions."

Arnulf Rupp, head of OSRAM's standardization department, said: "We are pleased to support the cooperation between Bluetooth SIG and DiiA. Establishing a standard Bluetooth mesh interface for D4i smart luminaires will open industry opportunities and enable the deployment of even more advanced, interoperable Operate commercial IoT-enabled lighting systems while ensuring the same lighting control behavior between these two standards."

To help simplify product delivery to the market, Bluetooth SIG and DiiA also work together to make it easier for suppliers to complete Bluetooth product certification and the DALI-2 product certification process required to ensure interoperability.

In turn, this will ensure that combining Bluetooth mesh lighting control with certified DALI-2 and D4i devices is still a natural choice for the professional lighting industry.