Are Solar Street Lights Polluted?

- Dec 27, 2019-

With the vigorous development of new rural construction, the sales of solar lamps have increased year by year. Solar street lights seem to be more popular than city supply circuit lights. Will solar street lights cause light pollution?

    In daily life, most common light pollution is caused by the glare of pedestrians and drivers caused by the reflection of mirror buildings, and the discomfort caused by unreasonable lights at night. According to astronomical statistics, in the night sky without light pollution, about 7,000 stars can be seen, while in big cities where street lights, background lights and landscape lights are scattered, only about 20 stars can be seen.

    Therefore, it is particularly important to strengthen the management of urban planning, the design of landscape lighting and the reasonable installation of LED street lights, and it is more important to vigorously promote the use of new energy-saving light sources. Although most places will consciously use energy-saving light sources at this stage, there are still some places that do not consciously use energy-saving light sources.

    The road of solar street light is always vivid, no need to match, just use clean and pollution-free ZGSM solar new energy lighting, not only to maintain the urban ecological environment, in line with the development direction of China's energy utilization, but also to improve the utilization rate of lighting equipment.

    When the process of urbanization conflicts with a series of issues such as science and ecological balance, perhaps we should look at the advantages and disadvantages of urban development from a long-term perspective and seek a long-term layout of urban development. Without a system framework, Runxi Solar Street Light must adapt to local conditions and give full play to its clean energy advantages in order to continue sustainable development.