Another City Will Implement A Special Plan For Urban Lighting, Involving Road And Landscape Lighting

- Jul 23, 2020-

This plan was formulated to improve the public service functions of urban lighting and meet the needs of urban lighting planning and construction management. The key area of the plan is the main urban area of Baoding, including Jingxiu District, Lianchi District and High-tech Zone. The planned construction land area is about 210 square kilometers. The outer expansion area and Qingyuan District, Xushui District and Mancheng District shall be implemented by reference. The planning content is urban lighting, including functional lighting (road lighting) and landscape lighting. In addition, the planning period of this time is 2019-2035. The implementation of the plan is divided into two phases, short-term and long-term, among which: the short-term is 2019-2025, and the long-term is 2026-2035.

This plan includes 8 specific goals: (1) complete national and provincial energy-saving tasks and accelerate urban lighting energy-saving renovation; (2) create a green lighting city; (3) improve the level of urban lighting facilities construction and maintenance; (4) orderly Promote the application of green lighting products and technologies; (5) Improve the level of urban lighting information management; (6) Promote the construction of smart cities; (7) Strengthen the standardized management of landscape lighting; (8) Through the gradual implementation of urban lighting planning , Promote the obvious improvement of the city's night image, the continuous improvement of night economic vitality, and the obvious improvement of people's quality of life and satisfaction.

In terms of the overall planning structure, based on the city’s natural geographic environment, humanistic conditions, current texture and urban characteristics, combined with the overall planning of urban development direction, functional zoning, land use layout, integrated transportation, historical and cultural protection and urban design elements, it is based on functional lighting With landscape lighting as its characteristics, it is planned to form an overall urban lighting structure of "one ring, two axes, two networks, four corridors, multiple pieces, and multiple points" in the main urban area. (Source: Hebei Provincial People's Government Network)