Analysis Of LED Street Lamp Power

- Jul 10, 2019-

1. High-quality components

LED street lamps are mainly used in outdoor environment. They have to endure wind, rain, lightning and lightning all year long. The external temperature can reach 50℃ at the highest, and -40℃ at the lowest. LED light source belongs to semiconductor light source, and its luminous characteristics determine that its failure rate is quite low, and the failure rate of the connection part is also quite low. Therefore, the quality of LED drive power directly determines the life of the whole street lamp, and it is also the most core part of the LED street lamp industry. However, due to technical strength, cost control and other reasons, quality problems often occur. Once street lamps are installed, they are difficult to maintain and require a lot of manpower and material resources.

The quality of power supply, good design is one of the elements, the power component is the premise of high reliability. In the power supply, the key components are still passive components and power components, such as capacitors, inductors, MOS, etc., and the best quality of these components is still the products of American and Japanese manufacturers, Taiwan and domestic products in durability, anti-interference, environmental fitness, quality and other aspects of the gap. Many LED street lamp power products are made of electronic components from leading manufacturers in the United States and Japan. Good design ensures that the power supply can run normally for a long time under the temperature of -40℃ to 60℃. The actual use failure rate of finished products used in large quantities is less than three parts per million, leading the industry.

2, price,

The market competition of LED street lamp power supply is fierce, and many domestic power manufacturers buy American components through domestic components agents, while few Taiwan components and domestic components are purchased, so the high purchase cost leads to the high overall cost.

3. Design margin

The domestic market sales of LED street lamp application environment is very complex, the main reason is that the voltage is not stable, in the case of ordinary mains power supply is the actual input voltage tends to have a large deviation, and all kinds of unsafe factors, such as surge shock moment affects the normal operation of the LED power supply, the requires power needs to have a certain design margin. The design margin of mainstream LED street lamp power supply in the market is generally about 40%.

4, lightning protection

Street lamps are installed outdoors, and lightning strikes are a very big threat. Through years of research, a brand research and development laboratory concluded that lightning mainly has four types: direct lightning, conducting lightning, inductive lightning and switching overvoltage. The biggest impact on power supply equipment is inductive lightning, which may produce a voltage as high as 5000KV or even higher, with great destructive power. In view of these problems, the following measures have been taken to cooperate with street lamp manufacturers to improve the products to ensure that lightning does not strike. The first is the combination of external lightning protection and internal lightning protection of street lamps. Lower leads and simple ground grids are set at the installation position of street lamps. These systems constitute the external lightning protection system. The system can avoid fire and personal safety accidents caused by lightning strike of street lamps. The internal lightning protection system refers to the protection of street lamps through grounding and voltage protection. The system can prevent the invasion of lightning and other forms of overvoltage into the equipment, causing damage to the equipment, which is not guaranteed by the external lightning protection system. These two are mutually complementary and complementary. Internal lightning protection system in many devices, such as the shell, the cable into and out of the protection zone, metal pipes, etc., should be connected to the external lightning protection system or set up overvoltage protector, and carry out equipotential connection.

5. Energy saving and high efficiency

As we all know, LED street lamp project is the representative project of national energy conservation and emission reduction project. As for luminous components, LED has achieved very good energy saving effect, but power saving has been ignored by major manufacturers. Therefore, energy-saving power supply will undoubtedly be the most important component of street lamp power supply.