A Project Of Street Lighting Finished In Italy

- Aug 14, 2019-

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ZGSM Technology recently supplied for a project street lighting in Italy ,with its Model of ZGSM-LD90KM, and all these works finished very well and the effects pictures are peacefull and of excellent view. ZGSM have already sold this model KM for many projects from many countries from the world. Almost there is no failure occured. Very successful product and appeals to those clients who like europe style and people from these countries.

KM series is one of full K series which contains KS, KM, KL series and they have different sizes in housing and outline design.So series K is full die-cast luminaire and has a tempered glass of 4 mm built in. In some of the tender documents, client or government asks for a 5 mm thick tempered glass, this is also what we can do it.It all depends on the requirements.

For this project, we provide below details of street lights for the project.

Hopefully all these items get great outcomes and in the future attracts more cooperations.

Project location:Italy 

Project time: May.2019

Project details: 

90W LED Street Light,Model:ZGSM-LD90KM,Lumileds 5050 and Inventronics Driver, 2M, 4000K,20pcs; 

                 35W LED Street Light,Model:ZGSM-LD35KS,Lumileds 5050 and Inventronics Driver, 2M, 4000K,36pcs

IMG_20190805_093733 (2)

KS series contains 3 rated wattages and models. ZGSM-LD25KS, ZGSM-LD35KS, ZGSM-LD55KS.With wattages of 25W, 35W, 55W led street light.

For more information, please contact the sales team. zuck@zgsm-china.com



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