6 Advangates Of LED Street Lights

- Jun 19, 2019-

The applications of LED in street lighting have inherent advantages, mainly in following items:

1) As a point light source, if the design is reasonable, it can directly solve the problem that traditional spherical light source must rely on light emission to solve the secondary light and light loss to a large extent.

2) The uniformity of the light irradiating surface can be controlled, so that it can be completely even in the target area in theory, which can also avoid the light waste in the phenomenon of "under the light" of traditional light source.

3) Color temperature optional, so in different applications, is also an important way to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

4) There is still plenty of room for technological progress.

5) The optical rationality of LED street light distribution.

Different from traditional lighting, LED has the characteristics of point light source, high brightness and narrow beam output. To be an led street lamp, the limited luminous flux should be fully utilized into the effective illumination range. Street lamps require the effect of road lighting, and the effective range of street lighting is not beyond the open space on the road.

6) Calculation of energy saving index of LED street light (12 hours per day, The 160 watt LED street light replaces the traditional 500 watt street light):

Electricity saved every year= 365 (days)*12(hrs.) *(0.5-0.16)=1489.2 Watt;

Annual savings in electricity bills=1489.2* USD 0.15/W= USD 223.

After the LED street light renovation, each lamp saves USD 223 per year in electricity charges. If LED street lights were used throughout the road, it would save the country a lot of electricity every year and a lot of money in terms of economic benefits.