5 Benefits Of Solar Street Light

- Dec 29, 2017-

More and more clients deside to buy solar street light because of the benefits of solar street lights.

Price saving.

Since street light using solar energy, the usual utility power is no need. Then no need electric bill. More simpler for the installation, so cost of the installation payment is cheaper. Long life span more than the traditional street light, another manner to avoid wasting the cost.

Easy for distant monitor and control.

LED, solar panel and controller are all sorts of electronic products. So they are often easily controlled the existing monitor and control system.

Easy for solar street light installation.

For our integrated solar street light, 5 Miniuts could be finished. No need to trench standard electric wires for installation.

Easy for the maintenance.

Because of the long life span of the LED, LiFePO4 battery and solar panel, the street lights are changed seldom.

What is more, with the monitor and management system, all of the faults can be sent by SMS/Email real time.

Enviromental friendly.

The solar energy is 100% environmental friendly renewable energy. And the same with different solar led light components such as battery, solar panel and LED. So the street light using solar power is environmental friendly.

Hangzhou ZGSM Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in solar street light, with 13 years experience of export and installation for solar street Light, solar energy system. ZGSM provides design of solar lighting system for specific space, and after service of problem solution.

Our products are CE and RoHS certificated, we are one of China's main suppliers of high quality.

ZGSM provides a greater economic and environmental choice to avoid wasting energy and contribute to reduction of carbon emissions.