2020 Guangya Exhibition Will Be Held From September 30 To October 3

- May 22, 2020-

The news pointed out that since the formal resumption of production in February, lighting companies have increased their research and development efforts, including visual health lighting in daily life, the impact of lighting on mental health in special environments, and the science of special function lighting products. This exhibition will bring together lighting manufacturers in different fields and show their research and development achievements, including innovative, green, people-oriented and intelligent lighting solutions, LED subdivision applications and intelligent drive control. During the four-day exhibition, a number of business matching events and round tables will be held, and the products will be categorized to give manufacturers, audiences and experts more face-to-face docking opportunities, encourage in-depth discussions and bring more opportunities.

It is reported that this year's exhibition will take the theme of "same" and send it to the industry to go hand in hand with the industry, with a common belief in the industry, in the current challenges, turn adversity into motivation, give "light" more value More business opportunities. (Source: WeChat public account of Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition)