2019 Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair, ZGSM Ended Successfully

- Nov 04, 2019-

 2019, the Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair has come to an end. Compared to last year's lighting exhibition, ZGSM TECH has made great progress in terms of scale, types of exhibits and personnel configuration, and promoted the promotion of the company's brand. Very good role.


At this year's show, ZGSM TECH has lived up to expectations and attracted many partners at home and abroad. At the same time, it has also raised its popularity in the LED lighting industry.



After continuous research and development and improvement, the products we exhibited at this exhibition are higher than the average level of the same industry, showing the R&D strength of ZGSM in the lighting industry. The main representatives are:

1, Take the high-end route H, K, L series LED street lights, the new KMINI2 series of economical street lights;

2, Industrial lighting H, HB, factory lights, petrol station lighting A, H series petrol station lights, tunnel lighting H series tunnel lights, stadium lighting H, HB floodlights;

3, Super high power M series flood light.


In this short four-day exhibition time, ZGSM has hosted more than 30 countries in more than 30 countries. Compared with last year, nearly 30% of customers have indicated that they are willing to cooperate with the company. Especially for European and American customers, I am very interested in the new LED street light, super power flood light and solar light. Many customers say that ZGSM TECH's continuous innovation and first-class service make me admire, cooperate with you, rest assured !

Whoever has a customer will win. The exhibition is an opportunity to win the future. In this exhibition, we deeply realized that it is our continuous goal to open up new customers on the basis of maintaining stable customers. We have come up with our best products and services and have won the favor of many customers. In today's increasingly serious homogenization, we maintain continuous innovation and research and development capabilities, and continue to enhance the market position in the LED lighting industry.

    We believe that after the exhibition, ZGSM seized the opportunity to make a sudden rise in the vast number of products in the entire lighting industry, to explore its own advantages and create a more brilliant tomorrow.