190lm/W Round Type Led High Bay Light

- Aug 17, 2020-

HELIOS LED High Bay Light Datasheet

Product Benefits – 70% energy saving, short ROI period – Up to 50, 000hrs @ L70, low maintenance cost – Durability, suitable for dry and wet applications – Versatile in mounting with wall mounted, loop hanging, steel chain hanging – RoHS compliant, environmental friendly, no mercury or lead, 100% recyclable – 5 years warranty

Product Features – Luminaire efficacy: Up to 190 lm /w – Symmetrical beam angle: 60°, 90°, 110° – Impact resistance: IK10 – Type of protection: IP65 – Available from 3000K, 4000K 5000K, 5700K – Available with Motion /PIR Sensor

Zigbee Wireless Control System

ZigBee 2.4G 1-10V dimming LED controller Connected to a dimming driver, this controller shows real-time data on App, such as current, power rate  and power consumption. It is applied to street, office and industry LED lighting for dimming purposes. It works with 1-10V or 0-10V dimming drivers . Also it works with ZigBee lighting control system to achieve short-distance or long-distance controlling led lights by Mobile Phone, Tablet, PC,  Touch Switch, Remote Control, Daylight Sensor and Motion Sensor.