126 Subway Stations In Delhi, India Will Be Converted To LED Lighting Systems

- Sep 10, 2019-

According to Indian media reports, India Delhi Metro has taken the lead in changing the lighting systems of the first and second phases of the 126 subway stations from traditional lights to modern LED lighting systems.

It is worth noting that several subway stations have received numerous complaints about “black spots”, where robbing, sexual harassment and flashing are often reported.

Delhi Metro has used LED lighting extensively since the third phase of the subway station to save energy and promote renewable energy.

“All sites in Phases I and II are equipped with traditional fluorescent lights during commissioning. However, with the advent of modern LED lighting concepts, existing lighting systems are being gradually replaced.”

A spokesman for the Delhi Metro Company said that the bidding process will take about six months and then it is expected to cover all of these stations within one year.

He added that at present, LED lighting work for 10 elevated subway stations is underway and may be completed within the next 2-3 months.

The Delhi Metro carried out a walkthrough of changing traditional lamps to modern fixtures at two underground subway stations, Rajiv Chowk and Barakhamba Road.