What is a flood light?Where is the cheap flood light? zgsm lighting

- Dec 27, 2019-

LED flood light is mainly used for single building lighting, single building, exterior wall lighting of historical buildings, interior and exterior transparent lighting of buildings, indoor local lighting, stadium, green landscape lighting, billboard lighting, medical culture and other special facilities lighting , Bar, ballroom and other entertainment places, such as atmosphere lighting.

Floodlights are lamps designed to illuminate the illuminated surface higher than the surrounding environment. Also called spotlight. Under normal circumstances, it can aim in any direction, and its structure is not affected by climatic conditions. It is mainly used in lighting areas such as large-area mines, building outlines, stadiums, overpasses, monuments, parks, and flower beds. Therefore, most large-area lighting fixtures used outdoors can be regarded as floodlights. The angle of the exiting beam of the flood light is wide and narrow, with a range of 0 ° ~ 180 °. The flood light with a particularly narrow beam is called a searchlight. Street light manufacturers

The floodlight consists of three parts: optical parts, mechanical parts and electrical parts. The optical components are mainly reflectors and light blocking grids that limit light. The mechanical parts are mainly the housing, as well as the focusing mechanism that fixes and adjusts the position of the light source, the bracket, the base that fixes the lamp, and the parts that adjust the projection direction of the lamp with an angle indicator. For most of the sealed floodlights, the mechanical parts also have protective glass and various sealing rings. According to the needs of the use environment, some also have a metal mesh cover. Good performance floodlights are also equipped with air filters. The electrical components are mainly ballasts, capacitors, triggers (based on the needs of the light source), and so on. Floodlight manufacturers