The Sapphire Awards

- Feb 21, 2020-

This event, jointly organized by LEDs Magazine and Strategies in Light, aims to celebrate and recognize innovations in the field of LED and semiconductor lighting. The winners of the "Sapphire" award have largely promoted technological progress and innovation in the lighting market, and had a positive impact on the forward development of human society.

Maury Wright, the editor-in-chief of LEDs Magazine, said, "The winners of the 2020 'Sapphire' Award show us the amazing progress of humans in the development of light sources and lamps, and creatively define the quality and unique form of light." The product represents the best technology that the industry can provide, and it predicts the future technological path of semiconductor lighting products and applications. "

More than 100 products participated in the competition, all of which were jointly recommended by companies in the field of LED and semiconductor lighting. The nominated products and designs cover 18 major categories including packaged LEDs and OLEDs, related enabling technologies, and solid state lighting fixtures. After several layers of screening, Infineon's EUM-DT series products stand out and become the only LED driver power products to receive this award.