something about gas station lighting

- Oct 29, 2020-

Gas station refers to a retail gasoline and motor oil replenishment station that serves automobiles and other motor vehicles, generally for adding fuel oil and lubricating oil. Since the petroleum products sold at gas stations are flammable, volatile, easy to leak, and easy to accumulate static charges, gas stations take "safety" as the first criterion.

Pyrotechnics are strictly prohibited in gas stations, and operations that may generate sparks are strictly prohibited. It is strictly forbidden to fill gasoline into car carburetors and barrels. All stations must be turned off before refueling. All dangerous goods are strictly prohibited from entering the station.


In view of the shortcomings of traditional lamps, the development and advantages of LED lamps that have been widely used in traffic lights and large-area display screens are introduced. Based on the investigation of the use of gas station lamps, they are selected in the center of large cities and small cities. Two different gas stations in the suburbs have analyzed the effect of replacing the original traditional lamps with LED lamps. It shows that the use of LED lamps can save gas stations by more than 50%, and the renovation cost is equivalent to the construction cost of the traditional lighting scheme. At the same time, suggestions are given for the promotion and application of LED lamps in gas stations in the future.


The bai lighting of gas stations is generally divided into the following areas: awning du lighting, convenience store lighting, auxiliary area lighting (such as auto repair, catering, etc.), image dao sign lighting (such as light boxes, billboards, etc.), outdoor lighting (Entrance and exit road lighting and other outdoor lighting). Because the installation location is different, the requirements are also different. If only the requirements for canopy lighting in the refueling work area are required, the general requirements are as follows:

The lighting effect and performance must meet the requirements: the lamp body is made of high-strength alloy materials, and the surface is treated with anti-static treatment, which is corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant, and does not rust. It can be used for a long time in harsh environments. Dustproof and waterproof grade is not lower than IP55; electrical insulation grade: ClassⅠ; lamp efficiency> 75%; working temperature: -20℃-45℃.

Meet the illuminance requirements of relevant areas, as well as other requirements for light distribution and anti-glare.

Low cost and low maintenance. With the best lighting design and efficient lighting fixtures, it can reduce energy consumption and save investment and operating costs. Long-life light sources, easy-to-buy and easy-to-replace parts are all reference factors.