Looking at the development trend of the entire LED industry from the industry leader

- Oct 12, 2019-

New Internet of Things (IoT) platform to seize the commanding heights of the future

In March 2018, Philips released the new Internet of Things (IoT) platform named Interact. The Interact platform based on high security and large-scale cloud computing has mature and advanced data processing and management capabilities to realize machine learning. All types of data give meaning, providing data-based services that extend the company's business from lighting products to lighting systems and services. Interact also inspires innovation from third-party developers, development organizations and users. Its developer interface and ever-expanding Authorized Application Interface (API) support the development of a wide range of data-based services.

OSRAM: a light source factory based on high-tech enterprises

Smart City Central Management Platform SYMPHO City Helps Smart City Construction

In January 2018, OSRAM released SYMPHO City, a smart city central management platform designed to help city managers improve efficiency and reduce costs, and help China's smart city construction. It is one of the main products of OSRAM this year, which can be simplified by modern technology. Monitoring and maintenance tasks, with intelligent city central management, large-scale urban lighting management, beyond lighting, status monitoring, energy management and asset management. On September 26, OSRAM announced that its deployment of the SYMPHO City Smart City Central Management Platform in Dali, Yunnan is expected to be completed by the end of September 2018.

Third, Cree Cree: the establishment of dominance in the field of silicon carbide

At present, Infineon and Cree are the leaders in the silicon carbide industry. The two companies have developed a new RF power system, Wolfspeed, which has accounted for 68% of the entire SiC market.

In July 2016, Infineon announced that it would acquire Corespeed under Cree Cree for US$850 million in cash, but both parties were unable to identify alternatives to national security issues of concern to the US Foreign Investment Committee (CFIUS). Therefore, the proposed transaction was terminated. In March of this year, the story took a 180-degree turn, and Cree Cree changed from the passive sale to the active attack, and inflated the RF power business of Infineon with 345 million euros, strengthening RF GaN on- Leadership in SiC technology and offers access to more markets, customers and packaging technologies, and positioning WolfSpeay for a faster 4G network and a revolutionary transition to 5G. At this point, Cree CREE has established its dominance in the field of silicon carbide.

After experiencing the divestiture and splitting of the general lighting business, the international giants represented by Philips and Osram finally separated and sold them, focusing on emerging areas such as the Internet of Things and smart cities, starting from lighting companies to high-tech companies. Transformation, constantly leading the innovation of lighting concept and technological breakthrough, vividly interpret the high-end gameplay of the lighting industry, even the routines and techniques used are exactly the same.

As the leading company in the lighting industry, Philips and Osram have always led the development direction of the lighting industry, and its business model and ideas have been learned and learned by colleagues in the industry. The blueprint of the industrial layout they have displayed has completely blurred the edge of the lighting industry, and the lighting has become an entrance. This trend may also represent the development trend of the lighting industry in the next few years or even decades.